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Since the launch of our collection "Coordinates", lots of customers have sent us holiday photographs of them wearing their personal T-shirt. We wish to share these great photographs with you. If your photograph is not yet published on this page, please send us a copy of your photo by e-mail. We would be thrilled to show it here.

Lund (Sweden) June 2011
Belalp (Switzerland) September 2010
Sydney (Australia) April 2010
Noosa (Australia) April 2010
Zürich (Switzerland) March 2010
New York City (USA) August 2009
Washington D.C. (USA) July 2009
Hüsliberg (Switzerland) May 2009
Tagbilaran (The Philippines) April 2009
Zürcher S-Bahn (Switzerland) January 2009
Zitacuaro (Mexico) January 2009
Valle de Bravo (Mexico) December 2008
Hue (Vietnam) November 2008
Marrakech (Morocco) November 2008
Brasilia (Brazil) October 2008
Lushniki Stadion (Russia) July 2008
Soufrière (St. Lucia, Sm. Antilles) May 2008
Bloody Mary's Bar (Bora Bora) March 2008
Rostock (Germany) February 2008
Slope Point (New Zealand) January 2008
Nassfeld (Austria) January 2008
Perth (Australia) December 2007
Hurghada Desert (Egypt) November 2007
Dublin (Ireland) November 2007
Bremen (Germany) August 2007
Hardangervidda (Norway) August 2007
Machu Picchu (Peru) July 2007
Uluru Australia) March 2007

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Picture Gallery


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